"Glorifying God by Connecting the Sexually & Relationally Challenged to Jesus Christ."


Welcome to New Hearts Outreach! We thank you for your interest in partnering with New Hearts Outreach. If you are interested in joining us for any of the activities and tasks below, please take some time to read the Intake Guidelines for New Volunteers and New Hires. We hope to speak with you soon!

  1. NHO Champion "Share the Cause" Team - Help us "share the cause" in your sphere of influence. Speak to your church, organization or friends. We want to share the NHO cause, which is "freedom from sexual and relational brokenness through Christ," as often as possible. Please contact the NHO office now (813.375.2971), and let us know of your interest.
  2. NHO We Care for Kids Public School Initiative - Help Us Minister to kids in the public schools.
  3. Event Steering & Planning Team - Are you creative and do you enjoy brainstorming with others to plan events? Then help plan our NHO Signature Participation Projects.
  4. Become an NHO Host and host a home-based or organization-based dessert or dinner event to help us tell the NHO story.
  5. NHO Confidential Support Group Planning Team

  1. Volunteer to help in the office or at NHO ministry events (813.379.2971)
  2. Volunteer to serve on the NHO Board (813.379.2971)
  3. Care & Concern Contact Team - Periodic contact with clients to show care, concern and prayer support

  1. NHO Internal Confidential Prayer Team - Contact Sue Hobbs,(813.546.1246)
  2. Weekly Prayer Walk Team in Ybor City - Contact Jennifer Shiver (813.760.2603)
  3. NHO Mentors Team
  4. Healing Prayer Ministry Team - Training provided.
  5. Client Healing Prayer Team & Client Group Attendance (with permission) - Observation/Involvement (Learn to become an effective Healing Prayer Team member.)

Worship and Media
  1. NHO Video Production Team - Training provided. Do you love photography or videography?
  2. NHO Worship Team - Can you sing, play an instrument or help with technical set-up? Contact William Dobson (813.690.8744)

Are there other gifts God would have you share with us? Tell us your idea by contacting 813-379-2971.