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Garlands for Ashes: Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse
Paula Sandford - (SKU#: NM35331)

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Every two minutes a child is sexually abused - often betrayed by someone he or she knew, loved and trusted. One of every four girls and one of every ten boys are sexually molested before the age of 18. Over half of all reported cases of incest took place in middle and upper-class families, and most of these occurred in religous homes. Sadly, more than thirty-four million women in the U.S. are the victims of childhood sexual abuse.
This book gives love, acceptance and healing to the victims of sexual abuse - the abused, the abuser and their families. It is an invaluable tool for those who counsel and minister to lives fractured by sexual abuse as well.
As a professional counselor, Paula Sandford has helped hundreds of sexual abuse victims successfully deal with their fears, guilt, confusion and depression. In her personal life, she has seen beloved family members victimized by this cruel enemy of childhood and family life. She knows the pain that all the victims share, but she also knows the way to healing. This book leads the reader into new demensions of hope, healing and wholeness.

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